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Motor cycles in Asia

Malaysia and Thailand are wonderful places to visit, but do be careful when trying to cross the road! 
Motorcycles are used by everyone it seems, and they even ride the sidewalk!! So keep vigilant for this, and especially at night, when many motorcyclists don't even bother to turn on their lights. Accidents are common, often fatal, as any number of people can be on one machine from a single person, up to five in a family.
Even at pedestrian crossings, cars will fail to stop! So be aware, at all times when crossing the road.
Eating and drinking on holiday abroad.
Drink plenty of fluids! Bottled water is safest, even if there is nothing wrong with tap water in the country in which you are taking your vacation, or visiting.
Food EAT HOT FRESHLY COOKED FOOD. Avoid cold salads (washed in tap water!) and cold seafood. This way, you should have no 'Montezuma's revenge'  which is dreadful! See above video.
Ice cream from Multi-national chains such as KFC and McDonalds  is safe to consume.
Always wear some kind of head cover in tropical Countries, even in the shade you can get serious sunburn. Use a good quality sun protection cream, and don't forget to apply cooling Aloe Vera in the evening after your shower. just before bedtime.

How to write and publish your own book for free

                     on the Internet...

 There is an old saying that ‘there is a book in everybody,’ and you know what? It is true. However, not everyone is inclined to want to write a book, but if you are, and thousands of people like you think the same way, there is no reason on earth why you can’t write and publish your book completely free of charge.

With the advent of the laptop computer and sophisticated software, it is now possible to write and have not only your spelling, but grammar too, corrected automatically, as you ‘type’.

But, like all disciplines in life, there are a few rules to follow to be successful, and if you use them, and learn as you go, you will succeed. I call them tips, as nobody likes rules..

I found out when I first started writing that, the most powerful driving force to want to write, is to have total faith in oneself. You CAN do it.

You do not need a university education to write a book. You do not even need to write it in English. You could write it in French or Polish, or Mandarin, if you so wish. Today, there is clever software that translates languages instantly.

So lets look at these Ten Golden tips that help you how to write, and publish, your own book for free.

Remember, you can write about anything you want. Don’t be shy! Nobody is going to read the story in any form, until the author and editor-which is YOU- is absolutely happy with the end result.

Here are some websites that you can visit to read about ten golden tips on writing a book…

As far as publishers go, there are many. I have used both and Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon) and they are terrific, as well as FREE!


Also, READ plenty of books and observe how the author writes the story. J.K.Rowling is a fantastic author, and keeps you, the reader, spellbound in more ways than one. 

Good Luck.

1.  http:///

2. (Fabulous information)

3. Five Essential Tips for Anyone Trying to Write A Book - Forbes 
10 Top Golden Tips for Turning Fact into Fiction

1. Have an Exciting Start

Start the novel at a point that is exciting and which has relevance to the main point of the story. “She was born in a small village in West of England” may be the truth, but it may be a tad boring and not very unique. (Everyone is born at some point). Now, of course, if you were born on a raft in the middle of the Pacific, that’s a different matter. The Englishman is a romantic tale, so it starts when Kaisa meets her Englishman at the British Embassy in Helsinki.

2. Seek Permission

Do get permission to publish from the significant person – or persons – in your story, especially if they can be easily recognised. (And you care about what they think). When I was writing my blog posts, I’d always let my husband (The Englishman) read them before I pressed ‘publish’. Of course if you are writing in the traditional way, and not a blogging the story, it’s easier. When you’re done, you can give the person the manuscript and leave the country for a few days.

3. Get Inspired

Use photos, letters (emails) and music for inspiration. I was lucky in that I’d kept all my letters from my husband, and I also had the letters I’d written to him during our long-distance relationship.

4. Write with Confidence

Don’t worry about letting your pen fly when you start writing. Since you know the plot – and the characters – already, writing the novel can be very quick. If you decide later to change scenes, plot or characters, that’s easy. I found that if I didn’t worry too much about how truthful – or not – the story was, my writing became much more fluid and confident.

5. Shorten the Timeframe

Do shorten the time frame of the story, it makes the plot more exciting. In real life events often occur slowly, and it’s only when you look back that you see the string of events and their significance to the plot.

6. Create Strong Characters

Do make your characters complicated and interesting. I’m not saying that your life is filled with boring people, but in order to make a story fly, it needs strong characters.

7. Reduce your Characters

Don’t include every real person in the novel. Too many characters are confusing to the reader. They make the story unnecessarily complicated and jarring. In The Englishman, I combined a few characters to make them stand out more and to increase the pace of the novel.

8. Use Dynamic Dialogue

Don’t use real dialogue. If you’ve ever listened to people on the bus – or even better – recorded a real conversation, you will find that people tend to take a long time to say what they mean. Real people use of a lot of unnecessary comments, such as ‘hmm’, ‘What I mean is’, ‘Really’. Cut, cut and cut again, is my advice!

9. Consider Using Third-Person Narrative

Think about using a third person narrative instead or first person. When I wrote The Englishman blog posts, I did use first person, but later when I began editing the novel, I decided to change the whole story into third person. This was advice given to me by one of my early readers, and I am eternally grateful for her comments. When you use your own life as a plot, the novel will seem too personal, and too much like an autobiography, with a 1st person narrative.

10. Edit, Edit, Edit

Do edit. I’m a firm believer in the editing process. I’ve lost count of how many versions of The Englishman I wrote. What I didn’t change, however, was the core of the novel; the true love story between an English naval officer and a Finnish student, and the obstacles they had to face in order to sustain their long-distance relationship.

With my sincere thanks to Author  Helena Halme. I hope she will not mind me spreading her invaluable advice-she says it so much more convincingly than I do.


NEW! June 2018.

 Do you use a Microsoft Windows laptop or desk PC? then you may wish to know about the (fairly new) Microsoft Office Word 365 is wonderful! 

If you are a writer, you will have no doubt used good old office '97 or some other microsoft office Word, but right now you can rent the brand new Office 365 for a small monthly fee, direct from Microsoft. It has loads of new ideas and has simplified some of the tasks of former Office Word systems.

For instance, they have updated the 'check grammar and spelling' to a very high standard with Word 365 and, to me anyway, introduced a fantastic system of SPEECH PLAYBACK!

So you can listen to a clear non -robotic English Voice (male) reading your latest work or your entire Novel back to you! 

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