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"Wizzy Wizard's First music book for Kids!"


  For many years I was a Professional musican and brass teacher both in schools and for private students. I found the easiest way to get children to start playing any brass instrument was by giveng them some easy to learn music that is fun, and with a good tune they can cope with without stress. (Not just long, boring notes exercises!)

My little first book for children learning music is called  'Wizzy Wizard's first book for brass players' it can be used for individual tuition or with a group of mixed brass instruments; i.e. trumpets, Cornets (both pitched in Bb ) and trombone (Bass Clef) and Euphonium, using the trumpet book.

 When the student is confident and can easily play these pieces he/she should then move on to a higher level music book chosen by the brass teacher.

Have fun!


  This is a free download feature for all children who are absolute beginners on brass instruments. All you have to do is highlight the pages one at a time and 'save' to your computer, then print out onto A4 size paper and you will have ten pages of easy to follow music to get you going!

Tip; When you highlight each page, 'save' to your computer, and you can resize to A4 page if need be.




















   For Trombone parts please go to  page Six