A BIG Welcome to everybody, and especially to all my musician friends!

First of all, my name...

It IS Les Weddell. 

When I first started this website over 25 years ago, my intention was to use it strictly for my books, as I love writing stories. I decided to use a pen name, and chose James Stirling. Webs will not allow me to change, because this is a Free website, so I hope this clears up any 'mystery' about my name.

You can contact me at [email protected]


Brian Harrison

Brian is a many talented musician and has composed several tutor books for reeds and full band.

Available from 
Click link below to see more of Brian's music.

Use Google Search insert "Rhythm and Reeds' by Brian Harrison. (For some reason link direct to Amazon will not work)



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MARCH 2019

I have had to reduce the size of this website because it 'was too big' for a free one, so I am told.
So, if you have by chance happened upon this site and wondered where all the content that used to be on it has gone....well, now you know.
I have another website for musicians, trombonists in particular, at www.tromboneweddell.webs.com


                           BIG BAND FOLK MUSIC

                                               By Brian Harrison

Brian Harrison is one of the top music arrangers in the UK when it comes to writing for swing bands and jazz lineups.

Brian Harrison - SpartanPress.co.uk


I have had to remove several page content to comply with limit allocated to me for this free website.


    I was born in the fair city of Dundee, County Angus, Scotland in 1935, and was adopted by Jean and John Weddell; first in foster care, then officially adopted by them when I was 4 years old. I was lucky enough to spend my childhood on a Scottish farm in the county of Midlothian, especially in the early years of WW2, when we still had loads of fresh vegetables and milk and eggs on the farm.

Having served 12 years in the Royal Marines Band Service in various establishments including Singapore, I was successful in being awarded a 12 month contract as staff Trombonist with (then) Radio Singapore Orchestra, which was to last 10 years. On my eventual return to the UK, I was a freelance musician and music teacher.

   I retired from professional playing in 2005 and spend my free time writing, entertaining my grandchildren, and my ever lasting interest in photography. You can view some of my better images taken on trips to the Orient, the USA, and around Britain, in the Photo Gallery on this website. 

 (photo; taken aboard a cruise ship in Pacific Ocean circa 2007)

 Currently, I have Four published books  which are on sale on AMAZON   Books online.

All  available in e-book and paperback versions Worldwide.


  'LOST' in the Mountains of the Gods'


'Singapore Harry'


'Confessions of a trombone player' 




You can look inside each book for free; and if you do decide to buy, they are  low priced as e-books or Paperback versions. 



      This means there is no Pornography, Foul language, or any other form of so called 'Adult Themed' Content..

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