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Ten Golden Tips on how to write your own book and publish it for free on the internet and in paperback.

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'Whizzy Wizard' First notes for Kids (trombone)

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FREE downloads of first notes for kids!
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My Photo Gallery...

Visit my Photo Gallery; images from all over the World on my trips...
over 100 images with music to enjoy!

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December 2016.

To enhance my website, I have decided to add more videos about the wonderful Countries I have been lucky to visit, so you may get an idea of how nice they are too.

Plane fares are getting cheaper for 'long haul' (i.e UK or USA to the Far East or Australia) so  making it a possibility for more people to travel to exotic places for a vacation/ holiday.

There are plenty of companies online that deal with fixing you a flight and hotel, and there will be local travel agents in your own town that can do the same.

From my own experience, do not book into any accomodation that is not officially cleared by the tourist board of the country you are visiting. YMCA and other hostels, and backpacker hostels, are all good value. But do inquire as to their claims of being legit, etc. Some can be fire traps or do not confirm with local regulations. Check with the official tourist board of the Country you are interested in visiting, or your Council or Embassy, they have loads of local experience and save you lots of hassle. After all, you want a stress free holiday, right?

Never give up your passport! Keep it in the hotel safe when you go out, and same with money-do not carry large amounts with you, or flash it in public. Make sure you have all your 'jabs' required, and visas.

Buy a cheap camera, or use a cheap phone with camera so if it gets lost or stolen, you have not lost everything. 

Respect local traditions and dress codes, especially if you are female. Most people are friendly and love making friends with foreigners, but not those with little or no manners or are abusive. Jails in the Far East are no Hotels! That is the last place you want to end up in! 

You should be vigilant at all times about your property, and remember that most countries in the Far East carry the DEATH SENTENCE for anyone caught carrying drugs. No remissions, they mean business.


 A good tip is to leave some money for emergency purposes with your Hotel reception in their safe.

I travelled the Far East for over twenty years without any problems whatsoever, and so can you. 


Blue Mosque Istanbul and the Vatican, Rome.

A BIG Welcome to everybody, and especially to all my musician friends!

First of all, my name...

It IS Les Weddell. When I first started this website over 25 years ago, my intention was to use it strictly for my books, as I love writing stories. I decided to use a pen name, and chose James Stirling. Webs will not allow me to change, because this is a Free website, so I hope this clears up any 'mystery' about my name.


Yes, I am a BIG Liverpool Fan..

(6 ft. 5 ins. in height since birth!)

New! Trombones only on website No.2

              THIS IS A FAMILY FRIENDLY WEBSITE  - Safe for kids!  

This means there is no Pornography, Foul language, or any other form of so called 'Adult Themed' Content..

Do you like kids?

If so, then perhaps you will help me with something close to my heart.....

Do you know there are 100 million children (Yes, 100 million) living on the streets of the World? According to the latest Unicef investigations.

This is only a 'guesstimate' as it could be more.

 It is not only absolutely shocking, and would be worse, if it was not for the wonderful work of agencies such as OXFAM, CHRISTIAN AID, THE RED CROSS,  Save The children, and many, many charity organizations that roam the World trying to rescue the lives of children, give them food and a place to live, and in some cases, schools.

But above all else they try to give homeless children  Love, and HOPE.

For every crisis, they are there, with food, medicine, tents, and comfort, to help children and their Parents, and for those who have no Parents, they provide love and tenderness in helping children to come to terms with their loss of family.

You can read more about the organization, and set up your donation in one simple move. We are not telling you what to give, that is up to you. As a guide, would you miss US$5 or £5 a month from your bank account?


The UK is amongst  the world’s ten top richest countries, yet rates of poverty here are rising – that means more children growing up without the essentials they need to fulfil their potential.

Children are going to sleep each night without a hot meal, live in cold homes, and sometimes without a bed to sleep in.

Poverty not only means that some children go to school tired and hungry, it can also ruin their childhoods and cuts their life chances short.

Donate to Unicef  today, and you could help us reach UK children and their families before problems become too hard to solve.

Your support could give a child a new bed and blankets, or the chance to eat a hot meal so they can concentrate in school.

Together, we can ensure all children get a fair start in life.

The 'Merlion' Fountain .....



Singapore-Pearl of the Orient...


Singapore's SuperTrees!


    I was born in the fair city of Dundee, County Angus, Scotland in 1935, and was adopted by Jean and John Weddell; first in foster care, then officially adopted by them when I was 4 years old. I was lucky enough to spend my childhood on a Scottish farm in the county of Midlothian, especially in the early years of WW2, when we still had loads of fresh vegetables and milk and eggs on the farm.

   I retired from professional playing in 2005 and spend my free time writing, entertaining my grandchildren, and my ever lasting interest in photography. You can view some of my better images taken on trips to the Orient, the USA, and around Britain, in the Photo Gallery on this website. 

 (photo; taken aboard a cruise ship in Pacific Ocean circa 2007)

August, 2015.

June 2015


 Currently, I have Four published books  which are on sale on AMAZON   Books online.

All  available in e-book and paperback versions Worldwide.


  'LOST' in the Mountains of the Gods'


'Singapore Harry'


'Confessions of a trombone player' 




You can look inside each book for free; and if you do decide to buy, they are  low priced as e-books or Paperback versions. 


Great Malaysian food online in the UK!




Great food in Singapore!


 Videos on this website are solely to assist you with travel, and provide other information. The Copyright remains with the owners, and I simply provide you with a quick reference to YouTube to their videos. I do not make any commercial gain from these, or any other videos or articles, as this is a non profit website for social purposes only.

Les. Weddell  2017

Exciting, Vibrant, Singapore! Pearl of the Orient..

Hip Replacement

If you, or someone you know, is about to have a hip replacement operation, let me assure you it is painless. 

I know it sounds gruesome, but you will see nothing, and feel nothing-I promise you!

How do I know?

Simple. I had my left hip replaced last November, and it is really so much better now.

I was lucky, I had it done for nothing by our wonderful National Health Service here in the UK.

You will be in hospital for a couple of days, but depending on your age, should be up and walking very soon after your operation.

Watch this video and see for yourself.