A BIG Welcome to everybody, and especially to all my musician friends!

First of all, my name...

It IS Les Weddell. When I first started this website over 25 years ago, my intention was to use it strictly for my books, as I love writing stories. I decided to use a pen name, and chose James Stirling. Webs will not allow me to change, because this is a Free website, so I hope this clears up any 'mystery' about my name.


Yes, I am a BIG Liverpool Fan..

(6 ft. 5 ins. in height since birth!)


Do you like kids?     

If so, then perhaps you will help me with something close to my heart.....

Do you know there are 100 million children (Yes, 100 million) living on the streets of the World? According to the latest Unicef investigations.

This is only a 'guesstimate' as it could be more.

 It is not only absolutely shocking, and would be worse, if it was not for the wonderful work of agencies such as OXFAM, CHRISTIAN AID, THE RED CROSS,  Save The children, and many, many charity organizations that roam the World trying to rescue the lives of children, give them food and a place to live, and in some cases, schools.

But above all else they try to give homeless children  Love, and HOPE.

For every crisis, they are there with food, medicine, tents, and comfort, to help children and their Parents, and for those who have no Parents, they provide love and tenderness in helping children to come to terms with their loss of family.

Here is a fabulous children's charity I found, after much searching on the internet.

It is not one of the 'big boys' but it is small and powerful in the way it concentrates on abandoned children on the streets of the World.



MAY, 2018.

As a retired music teacher of children and Father of three of my own plus seven grandchildren, I have always thought of children as the future for this beautiful Planet we live on.

Sadly, life is not all roses for millions of souls around the World, and poverty reigns, even in rich countries.

I am not going to try and explain the reasons why children are abandoned, why they end up on the streets at two or three years old, because it is not their fault!

I feel that us, as Adults, are responsible for their care! I don't care if we live in a different Country, if their own people will not help or cannot help, do we just leave these innocent street children to die?

Thankfully there IS a caring organization that was formed by a dynamic and caring man to help street children of the World, and I am proud to be one of the many people that donate money to help make a life changing move in rescuing street children.

The problem is not just in Africa, but all over the World-including America and Europe, and the RAILWAYCHILDREN.ORG.UK. rescue hundreds of children in India, Africa, and believe it or not-the UK too!

Watch the video on the YouTube link below and visit the website to learn how you can help. Could you walk past a child crying in a cardboard box because it was starving, dirty, unloved?

Thank you for your time.. I do appreciate it.

Les Weddell




      This means there is no Pornography, Foul language, or any other form of so called 'Adult Themed' Content..

The 'Merlion' Fountain .....



Singapore's SuperTrees!


January 19th 2018

I recently regained contact with a colleague from many years ago who is a Composer and Author. Andrew Keeling, who is one of Britain's up and coming new stars in Contemporary music.

Visit his website at this link-I promise that you will not be dissapointed.



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    I was born in the fair city of Dundee, County Angus, Scotland in 1935, and was adopted by Jean and John Weddell; first in foster care, then officially adopted by them when I was 4 years old. I was lucky enough to spend my childhood on a Scottish farm in the county of Midlothian, especially in the early years of WW2, when we still had loads of fresh vegetables and milk and eggs on the farm.

   I retired from professional playing in 2005 and spend my free time writing, entertaining my grandchildren, and my ever lasting interest in photography. You can view some of my better images taken on trips to the Orient, the USA, and around Britain, in the Photo Gallery on this website. 

 (photo; taken aboard a cruise ship in Pacific Ocean circa 2007)

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